Underwater room in Tanzania, Africa

The Manta Resort is located in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Tanzania in an island called Pemba. It offers 16 wonderful guest-rooms, turquoise waters and all the usual resort services. What makes it unique is, its underwater room.

The Underwater Room is a floating structure originally conceived in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2000, the artist Mikael Genberg decided to work on a project that would make art more accessible and he created the “Utter Inn” a single room that lies 3 meters below water surface in a Swedish lake. The idea behind the project was to allow guests to spend an extended period of time deep within a marine environment and for the fish to behold human beings as though they themselves were in an aquarium! 13 years later Genberg Underwater Hotels opened its first Underwater Room as part of the Manta Resort in the beautiful island of Pemba.

Manta Resort Underwater Room

Photo Source: urdesign.it

The Underwater Room is divided in two parts, the underwater and the two-floor wooden deck above sea level. The bedroom underwater offers a comfortable double bed and the perfect platform for watching marine life go by. Spotlights underneath each window panel light up the room’s immediate surroundings creating a luminous view of the marine life very active after sunset.

Manta Resort Underwater Room

Photo Source: dtail.com

The hardwood deck offers bathroom and another open-air room to sleep under the stars. Completely free of light pollution the Zanzibar archipelago guarantees a crystal clear blanket of stars nearly every night, to enjoy rocked by the gentle lapping of the ocean.

Manta Resort Underwater Room

Photo Source: dailymail.co.uk

This is probably even better than a diving experience, can’t wait to try this myself!

For more information and bookings please visit: Manta Underwater Room and read more about the project Genberg Underwater Hotels. If you need to rent a car anywhere in the world, have a look at our offers and locations here: www.autoturistica.com or contact us.

Manta Resort Underwater Room

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